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TIG Aluminum Welder/Fabricator


Thermex-Thermatron, LP


PURPOSE OF THE JOB: Manufacture, build and assemble components and equipment made by the Company, such as: Radio Frequency and Microwave Generators, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Presses, Ovens, Applicators, Conveyors, etc.

BASIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The job will involve occasional interaction with customers and suppliers. Teamwork will be frequently required. Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. TIG welding and fabricating aluminum; welding steel.

2. Selecting and cutting stock material such as sheet, plates, angles, rods, tubing, beams, etc.

3. Laying out holes, cut-outs, slots, cabinets, etc. based on drawings; bending, drilling, grinding, milling, punching, deburring or turning the work piece, as required.

4. Assembling fabricated work pieces by bolting, welding, riveting, brazing or soldering.

5. Assembling purchased mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic components into subassemblies and equipment.

6. Piping and plumbing of cylinders, valves, regulators, etc.

TOOLS TO USE: Rulers, tapes, calipers, micrometers, drills, wrenches, screwdrivers, taps, sanders, etc.

MACHINES TO USE: Cut-off saw, lathe, mill, MIG/TIG welder, punch, grinder, drill press, break, shear, pipe threading, sander, etc.


MINIMUM EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Three to five years machine shop, fabrication or manufacturing experience required. Blueprint reading and interpretation is mandatory.



Work Schedule

Set Hours — Full-time; 7:00-3:30pm, Monday - Friday


$20 - $22/hour


Health, dental, vision, supplemental, disability, and life insurance; vacation, personal, and sick leave

Required Education

High School Diploma — Prefer High School diploma. Technical School or Associate Degree in Engineering a plus.

Work Location


Application Process

Email amy@thermex -thermatron.com

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