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Behavior Support Specialist (BSS)


Heartfelt Solutions


At Heartfelt Solutions, we believe everyone has a right to be an active member in their community. We help people of all ages with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities explore how to better manage challenging behaviors and situations. We also focus on teaching lifelong skills that promote independence. We support individuals in defining better ways to express themselves so they can have healthy, productive lives.

Our Behavioral Support Specialists are a vital part of a client’s success in learning new skills and being active in their community. This position will be serving our clients in the Louisville area as well as surrounding counties. This is an ideal position for someone has a master’s degree in behavioral science or is a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA).

If you live by the following values, you will make a great Behavior Support Specialist:
1. Unconditional respect and positive regard for all.
2. Promotion of healthy relationships and healthy lifestyles.
3. Promotion of self-sufficiency and independence to the greatest extent possible.
4. Belief that all individuals can contribute to their community.
5. Belief that all individuals have rights, freedoms, and access to any necessary accommodations.
6. Empowerment of individuals to live, work, socialize and enjoy leisure in the least restrictive environment.


1. Has a Master’s degree in Behavioral Science and 1 year of experience in behavioral programming
2. Has at least 1 year of experience working with individuals with intellectual disabilities
3. A reliable form of transportation.
4. A class D (regular) driver’s license.
5. A professional resume.
6. Applicant must be willing to travel.
7. Background checks and drug screening.
8. Can adequately communicate with participants and staff.
9. Has a valid social security number or valid work permit if not a U.S. citizen.
10. Can understand and carry out instructions.
11. Experience with creating written reports, assessments or other relevant documentation experience
12. Provide person centered support on a one-on-one basis with participants.
13. Provides utilization of evidenced based and best practices in behavioral techniques, interventions, and methods to assist a participant with significant, intensive challenges that interfere with activities of daily living, social interaction, or work.
14. Provide consultative and direct support and assistance related to chosen outcomes by participants to facilitate independence and promote integration into the community for a participant residing in his or her own home or in his or her family’s home.



Work Schedule

Flexible - Will work with applicant




Health, Dental, Vision, and Retirement

Required Education

Masters Degree/Professional Degree — Master’s degree in Behavioral Science

Work Location


Application Process

This position will be serving our clients in the Louisville, Kentucky area and surrounding counties. If you would like to apply or want to learn more, please call 502-915-8343 ext 102 or email megan@hfssupportservices.com.

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