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Kitchen and Housekeeping Assistant


YMCA Camp Piomingo


YMCA Camp Piomingo is a co-ed overnight camp that allows campers to develop, grow, and become the person they want to be. All staff members are expected to help achieve this purpose in the performance of their specific job responsibilities. A Kitchen and Housekeeping Assistant is responsible for food related service, such as preparing meals and maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen and dining hall, as well as maintaining cleanliness of the camper bathhouses. SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES:
1. Assist in the preparing and cooking of the assigned meal/shift.
2. Assist in the cleaning, maintenance, and inspection of kitchen equipment and facilities.
3. Assist in the cleaning and maintenance of camper bathhouses.
4. Accept other assignments as needed to provide for the effective operation of camp activities.


1. Minimum age: 18 years
2. Have documented experience in food service, housekeeping, or related skills
3. Ability to relate well to others
4. Ability to accept guidance and supervision
5. Able to demonstrate enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, and self-control, maturity, responsibility, sound judgment, and good decision-making skills.
6. Be of good character, and in sympathy with the goals and objectives of the camp.
7. Complete pre-camp orientation, unless other arrangements made with Food Service Director.
8. Be cleared through a federal drug test and background check.

1. Must be in good physical health, and possess good strength and endurance.
2. Must be able to identify and respond to emergency situations.
4. Must be able to work with people of different age and skill levels.
6. Must be able to move equipment and supplies.



Work Schedule

Set Hours — Will either be assigned a morning or evening shift.




Food while working

Required Education

No education requirement

Work Location

Other — Brandenburg (Meade County), KY

Application Process


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