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HVAC Install Technician


One Choice Mechanical


• Leadership: You will need to manage a crew of workers to complete a job in a set time within a set budget.
• Communication: You must be able to communicate with the employees as well as with the managers in the office.
• Organization: Working the job site is only a portion of being a Lead Installer. Completing the expected paperwork is a MUST; whether it is a start-up form or tracking a project binder and communicating with the Operation Manager.
• Customer Service: Many HVAC installers need to work directly with homeowners and building owners, maintenance workers and more. Being friendly and approachable and a good communicator is a needed skill.
• Attention to Detail: HVAC systems can be precise mechanisms. Careful observation is needed.
• Dexterity: HVAC installers need good manual dexterity to manipulate small parts and reach into small spaces.
• Mechanical Skills: HVAC installers work with complicated machines. Understanding the pieces and tools needed to maintain and install these machines is crucial.
• Strength: HVAC installers need strength to lift heavy parts and equipment. Must be able to Lift up to 50 pounds; be able to push, pull, carry or maneuver heavier items (with additional manpower or appropriate devices); carry ladders; work from heights, work in small crawl spaces.
• Time-Management: HVAC installers make a lot of house calls. Being able to schedule jobs and keep timely appointments is important to getting repeat work.
• Troubleshooting: There are many parts within HVAC systems. Being able to ascertain the root cause of a problem and test solutions is important.


• Trade School or comparative job experience
• EPA Card, Valid Driver’s License, & Social Security Card
• Journeyman License or Apprenticeship Card



Work Schedule

Set Hours


Hourly. Depends on experience.


Paid Vacation,
Company Van,
Health Insurance,
Dental Insurance,
Matching Retirement Fund,
Tool Account,
Paid Training,

Required Education

High School Diploma

Work Location

Louisville — Fairdale

Application Process

Online at ocmech.com OR by phone at (502) 618-3528.

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