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Floater for Early/Head Start Program (part-time)


Neighborhood House



*SIGN ON BONUS* $300 full-time or $200 part-time after 60 days continuous employment. Not eligible if employed at Neighborhood House in the last 2 years.

Job Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
1.Understands the center's curriculum and is able to support the implementation of it in the assigned classroom.
2.Assists, instructs, and/or leads, as assigned, the daily learning activities such as art, music, dramatic play, and physical activities, with the aim to help children gain social/emotional skills, physical development, and cognitive/language skills.
3.Assists the Lead Teacher in planning and implementing daily activity plans and consistently following the daily schedule; assumes responsibility for the development of these daily learning activities in the absence of the Lead Teacher.
4.Maintains accurate daily attendance records, following the appropriate sign-in procedure.
5.Completes weekly observations of children.
6.Maintains a clear and respectful communication plan for all parents of children in the assigned classroom, including both oral and written communication.
7.Assists the Lead Teacher in the provision of appropriate materials for the classroom, such as decorations, books, art supplies, toys, etc.
8.Ensures that children are supervised at all times.
9.Maintains positive, respectful relationships with children in the classroom that enhances the self-esteem of each child.
10.Administers positive discipline when needed, according to the center's Positive Discipline policy.
11.Implements behavior plans for children who do not respond appropriately to redirection, positive guidance, and logical/natural consequences.
12.Supports the necessary activities of daily living with each child in the classroom. These activities may include but are not limited to, the following: using the restroom, diapering, feeding, hand washing, tooth brushing, and hair brushing.
13.Understands licensing and STARS requirements for the classroom and assists the Lead and Senior Teachers in maintaining compliance with regulations.
14.Helps maintain cleanliness and order in the assigned classroom. Sanitizes toys/surfaces each day.
15.Assists the Lead Teacher with the planning and posting of the weekly schedule as needed.
16.Assists in mealtime activities, including serving meals or feeding children, removing waste, and washing/sanitizing surface areas.
17.Participates in a minimum of 15 clock hours of assigned training annually and attend all staff meetings.
18.Uses open, honest, direct, and constructive communication with coworkers, supervisor, and directors and encourages and supports coworkers in the same endeavor.
19.Handles disputes with coworkers in a professional manner, including addressing the coworker respectfully first to find a solution, involving the Director only when a solution can not be found, and not talking about the issue with people who are not directly involved.
20.Maintains confidentiality of program stakeholders, including children, family, and staff, at all times.
21.Supervises assigned volunteers as applicable.
22.Completes duties of the Senior or Lead Teacher in their absence.
23.Other duties as assigned.


•The ideal candidate for this position will possess a gift for working with children, a positive disposition, a desire to work in a team setting, good time management skills, flexibility, and the ability to work with limited resources.
•Candidates will be required to pass a physical exam and an extensive background investigation before being hired and may be required to undergo drug testing.
•This position involves lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds, standing, sitting, stooping, squatting, running, and climbing stairs.
•Must have a valid state-issued ID; valid KY driver's license preferred.
•Must have reliable transportation.



Work Schedule

Set Hours — Monday - Friday, 9am to 2pm


$12 +/hr


Holidays, Simple IRA Contribution, Health Insurance, Life Insurance

Required Education

Some college — AA/AS in Early Childhood Education -- OR a BA/BS in Early Childhood Education, OR a state awarded preschool teacher certification with experience teaching preschool-aged children, OR a BA/BS in related field with at least six college courses in Early Childhood Education plus experience teaching preschool-aged children (or must agree to complete one of these requirements within 2 years of hire. Tuition assistance is available)

Work Location


Application Process

Apply at nhky.applicantpool.com/jobs/

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