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Substitute Teachers


Christian Academy of Louisville


Substitute Teachers will prayerfully enable students to learn subject matter, skills, and attitudes that will contribute to their development as mature, able, and responsible Christian men and women to the praise and glory of God.
Classroom Environment: Creates an environment of respect and rapport through reinforcement and praise without partiality or sarcasm.
Facilitates classroom procedures.
Manages student behavior: Creates classroom rules, routines, and procedures that allow students to assume responsibility for themselves
Establishes a culture for learning.
Emphasizes the value/importance of the activity/content.
Communicates clearly and accurately.


Spiritual Leadership: Maintains active involvement in a local church.
Maintains a consistent relationship with Jesus Christ through Bible study and prayer.
Daily walk with Christ is evident in speech, actions, and attitudes. Represents the school in a favorable and professional manner to the constituency and general public.
Uses acceptable English in written and oral communication.
Communicates with administration.



Work Schedule

Set Hours




No Benefits

Required Education

Bachelor Degree — A Bachelor's degree is preferred, or a current Education major with upper-level education courses completed.

Work Location

Other — New Albany, IN

Application Process

Please apply at http://www.caschools.us.

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