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Housekeepers, Floor Crew, & Leads


Service Management Systems


We manage all aspects of cleaning at the Louisville International Airport.

Lots of opportunity for growth within SMS! Lots of openings for 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift and are processing for immediate hire. Clean restrooms (sinks, floors, urinals and toilets), floors, carpets, elevators, escalators, window dusting, water fountains, lighting, seating, jet bridges, and all stairwells.


You must fill out the application online first! You cannot complete the application to the end of the process on a cell phone or tablet. Drug screen required at Lab Corps. This is an extremely physical job that requires a lot of walking, etc.


Full-time and/or Part-time

Work Schedule

Flexible - Will work with applicant — 7am-3pm, 3-11pm, 9pm-5am, 11pm-7pm, 4 or 8 hours shifts available. Must be able to work every other weekend. Currently offering overtime!




Full Health Benefits after 60 days!

Required Education

No education requirement — None

Work Location

Louisville — The Louisville International Airport

Application Process

Go to apply.smsclean.com on a laptop or a computer only. Do not apply on a cell phone or an Ipad because it will not complete the process. You will know the application is complete because you will receive a confirmation number that is a series of numbers and letters.

Please write down your confirmation number and save your USER name and PASSWORD for your next step with us. Once you have you confirmation number please text/call Tiffani at 502-297-4125 with you confirmation number and name. She will then schedule your interview. Then you will go apply for a Airport Badge with two forms of ID such as a driver's license, birth certificate, Government ID Card, etc. YOU MUST HAVE A SOCIAL SECURITY CARD along with a state ID card or license.

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