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Protection and Control Technician (Substation)




Generally works under oversight of more experienced technicians, and is responsible for performing installation, maintenance and testing of substation protection systems including instrument transformers, batteries, DC Circuitry, protective relays, communication systems, and all other duties related to distribution protection. Job Description: Perform and complete documentation required for testing equipment on the distribution substation protection system. Protection system components include, but are not limited to, potential transformers, current transformers, DC circuits, station batteries, circuit breaker components, protective relays, communication systems, and test switches. Calibrate and perform functional tests on microprocessor and electromechanical type relays. Install, maintain, analyze, and troubleshoot remote terminal units (RTU’s), SCADA equipment, and protective relays.
Understanding the fundamentals of Human Performance Tools and requirements of using them while working on the substation protection system. Independently perform and/or assist with the investigation of distribution operations and outages. Install, maintain, and test electrical control equipment, electrical circuitry, and components according to engineering specifications. Diagnose, analyze, troubleshoot, and make recommendations related to malfunctions/failures and perform preventive/corrective maintenance on protection system equipment. Verify that all documentation and prints meet applicable specifications/standards and modify drawings to reflect any changes. Coordinate with other departments both inside and outside the company to support construction, maintenance, and testing activities. Enhance and establish programs that maximize results while reducing overall costs. Other responsibilities, as assigned.


Preferred Qualifications: Detailed knowledge of substation protection equipment, including relays, station batteries, DC Circuitry, instrument transformers, station service transformers, switches, and breakers. An ability to learn quickly, apply practical skills, and deal with rapid technological and business change. Ability to enter and maintain information in a database, write documentation, and manipulate data in a spreadsheet. Detailed knowledge of protection and relay functionality. Proficient in reading and utilizing DC control circuitry drawings, AC three line drawings, panel wiring diagrams, equipment drawings, and all other drawings associated with the protection of substation equipment. Must be successfully recommended for the EEI CAST assessment.



Work Schedule

Set Hours




Paid vacation, holidays and sick leave. 401K, medical, dental and vision insurance. Paid parental leave.

Required Education

Associate Degree — Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Technology or related technical field.

Work Location

Other — Lexington, KY

Application Process

Apply online at: https://www.lge-ku.com/careers

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