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Disability Adjudicator I


Technical Youth


Participates in a formal agency training program and provides closely supervised adjudication for Social Security Administration disability applicants. Performs other duties as required. Job Requirements: Under the guidance and monitoring of disability peer trainers, undertakes extensive training to develop skills needed for the adjudication of Social Security Administration disability claims.
Learns basic human anatomy and medical information about disease processes, medical nomenclature and terminology, diagnostic studies and procedures/tests. Studies the Social Security Act with a major focus on Title II, Title XVI and amendments, Social Security rulings and federal regulations pertaining to medical, vocational and legal standards for disability. Develops skills in interviewing and in obtaining information from the applicant, medical and legal sources. Learns how to develop information pertinent to and supporting the application for benefits. Researches medical and vocational issues. Learns how to evaluate statements, claims and evidence for sufficiency, consistency, validity and credibility. With assistance from the peer trainer, determines eligibility for disability benefits and prepares a formal explanation of the determination.


Thorough background check required including basic background, credit check, and comprehensive evaluation. Finger prints will be required.



Work Schedule

Set Hours — Monday- Friday 1st shift




Full coverage

Required Education

Bachelor Degree

Work Location

Other — Frankfort, KY

Application Process

Go to dflorer@brooksource.com.

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