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Emergency Medical Technician PRN/PT


Brightwell Behavioral Hospital


22 bed geriatric psych facility. EMTs are responsible for admits/discharges - no emergent transfers.

The EMT-B uses the knowledge of the condition of the patient and the level of care required and the relative locations and/or emergency facilities to determine the most appropriate facility to which the patient will be transported, unless otherwise directed by medical order. The EMT-B works directly with the director of nursing and/or chief medical officer to determine the nature and extent of patient needs and the destination to ensure prompt medical care on arrival. The EMT-B identifies assessment findings, which may require communications with medical control, for advice and for notification that special professional services and assistance be immediately available upon arrival at the medical facility.

Principle Functions: Responsible for the transporting of patients to and from nursing homes, local hospitals, their home, and/or to Clarksville Psych Hospital.
Functions in uncommon situations.
Has a basic understanding of stress response and methods to ensure personal well-being.
Has an understanding of body substance isolation.
Understands basic medical-legal principles.
Functions within the scope of care as defined by state, regional and local regulatory agencies.

Duties: Loading patient on to and off of a stretcher.
Ventilating patients, if needed.
Administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation, including the use of automated external defibrillators.
Providing prehospital emergency medical care of simple and multiple system trauma such as: immobilization of painful, swollen, or deformed extremities and/or immobilization of painful, swollen, or deformed neck or spine.
Providing transportation and medical care to patients in order to manage: complaints of altered mental status; respiratory;
allergic reaction;
behavioral emergencies;
environmental emergencies;
psychiatric crises; and any additional care necessary based upon assessment of the patient and obtaining historical information.
Assisting patients with prescribed medications, including sublingual nitroglycerin, epinephrine auto-injectors, and hand-held aerosol inhalers.
Searching for medical identification emblems as a guide to appropriate emergency medical care.
Administration of oxygen, oral glucose, and activated charcoal.
Reassuring patients and bystanders by working in a confident, efficient manner.
Avoiding mishandling and undue haste while working expeditiously to accomplish the task.

Lifting the stretcher (be able to lift and carry 125 pounds).
Placing stretcher in the ambulance and ensuring that the patient and stretcher are secured.
Continuing emergency medical care while enroute to the medical facility.
Constant assessment of the patient enroute to any emergency facility, and administering additional care, as indicated or directed by medical control.
Assisting in lifting/carrying the patient out of the ambulance and into the receiving medical facility.
Reporting verbally and in writing observations and emergency medical care provided to the patient at the emergency scene and in transit, to the receiving medical facility staff for purposes of maintaining accurate medical records and diagnosing by receiving facility.
Upon request, aiding the receiving medical facility staff.

Following each call: Restock and replace used linens, blankets, and other supplies.
Clean all equipment following appropriate disinfecting procedures.
Make careful check of all equipment so that the ambulance is ready for the next run.
Maintain ambulance in efficient operating condition.
Ensure that the ambulance is clean and washed and kept in a neat orderly condition.
In accordance with local, state, or federal regulations, decontaminate the interior of the vehicle after transport of patient with contagious infection or hazardous materials exposure.

Miscellaneous: Determine that vehicle is in proper mechanical condition by checking items required by service management.
Maintain familiarity with specialized equipment used by the service.
Attend continuing education and refresher training programs as required by employers, medical control, licensing or certifying agencies.


Required: Driver’s License



Work Schedule

Set Hours — *10 hour shifts. Seeking PT/PRN F/Sa/Sun - up to 30 hours per week.




Great work environment!

Required Education

Certificate — EMT certificate. High school diploma or equivalent.

Work Location

Other — Clarksville, Indiana

Application Process

Apply via Indeed or the Brightwell Behavioral Health website.

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