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Industrial Refrigeration Technician




Install, service, and repair refrigeration systems and equipment such as condensing units, compressors, and evaporators. Some duties of the job include connecting refrigeration lines and electrical power sources, handling hazardous refrigerant substances, and checking systems and equipment for leaks. Technicians will often use system blueprints or manufacturers' instructions to complete a job.

Installs, inspects, maintains and repairs refrigeration equipment. Installs and troubleshoots specialized refrigeration equipment and machinery. Tests lines, components and connections using electrical, mechanical test equipment. Does soldering and brazing. Charges and leak checks refrigeration systems. Performs pre-start up checks on equipment and adjusts as necessary. Reads complex blueprints, sketches and schematics. Performs other duties as assigned.


At least two years working in GMP BioPharma or Pharmaceutical industry preferred.
State Refrigeration/HVAC License.
Universal EPA Certification required.
Following Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) preferred.
Thermal Fisher Freezer Chest experience preferred. Troubleshooting and problem solving skills are a must.
Extensive knowledge of refrigeration systems.
Visually inspect buildings.
Ability to frequently walk up and down stairs for inspections and emergency procedure practice or implementation.
Ability to climb ladders up to 40 feet and lift 60 lbs repeatedly.
Ability to detect emergency alarms - auditory and/or visual.
Building inspections require getting on hands and knees to reach areas difficult to access.



Work Schedule

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Required Education

Certificate — Universal EPA Certification required

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