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Electronic Products Manufacturing Engineer


American Printing House for the Blind


Under the supervision of the Director of Technical and Manufacturing Research, this position serves as a key person in regard to new electronic product development. This position primarily designs & documents the design of new, electronic products by initiating the drafting of product specifications through established operational policies and procedures. This includes writing detailed technical specifications, schematics, & drawings for product bid packages sent out to vendors as well as creating testing & repair procedures for the product. This job includes working with various APH departments as well as outside vendors & regulatory agencies in designing, producing, testing, & repairing new electronic products.

1. Initiates the first stages of developing an electronic product. This includes the design & fabrication of prototypical products including all electronics, printed circuit boards, & mechanical aspects of the product (IE: case/housing, accessories, packaging, etc). This includes creating schematics as well as written specifications for the product. These materials will be used in bid packages for any outside vendors involved in a product.

2. Tests & evaluates the prototypical circuit design as well as first piece production samples for proper electronic & mechanical (if applicable) operation. Notes any failures & recommends remedies. If all first piece samples are passed, then all tooling is released for full production runs.

3. Provides production support by following progress of prototypes and fully developed products through the first full production run for in-house products. Assists production supervisors and workers with problems encountered in the manufacture of products and provide solutions. Monitors & works with outside vendors in the case of outsourced products. Schedules and conducts a debriefing of product after first production run to document problems and recommended actions for resolving same.

4. Researches new materials and manufacturing processes through the Internet, periodicals and communication with vendors. Integrates research results into new or existing products or production methods.

5. Implements change orders in materials and manufacturing processes, as well as works with other departments to develop the redesign of mechanical or electrical prototypes of existing products.

Performs other departmental duties such as maintaining various electronic databases, collecting and entering information and distributing same in hard copy or electronic form. Prepares reports, graphs, and charts using various software, as well as ordering materials for prototypes.


Three to 5 years’ hands-on experience in the design & fabrication of circuitry required. Must be able to troubleshoot a wide variety of circuitry including the prototypes designed, incoming vendor product, & some in-house production equipment. Must possess verifiable software/PC experience in MS Word, Excel, Access, and Internet usage. Knowledge, skills, experience, or ability to learn new CAD software, particularly SolidWorks, Drafix and Rhino, is desired. Knowledge, skills, experience, or the ability to learn KiKad & Eagle PCB layout software preferred. Attainment of FCC General Class license preferred. Minimum of working knowledge of FCC, UL, CE, ETL & other regulatory agency requirements of electronic products required. Must possess strong written and oral communication skills, as well as excellent time management skills. Must be an effective team player with the ability to exercise tact and diplomacy. Prior experience in project management preferred. Familiarity with plastic and injection molding, vacuum forming, die cutting and design preferred. Must have the ability to use fine measuring devices such as micrometers, vernier calipers, etc., and mechanical test equipment. Must have the ability to use electronic testing equipment including: power supplies, oscilloscopes, frequency counters, signal generators, DVOMs, & other testing equipment. Must be proficient at soldering.



Work Schedule

Set Hours — Monday-Friday/8:00am-4:30pm


$50,000 range


Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k, Paid Time Off (PTO) and more!

Required Education

Associate Degree — Electrical Engineering degree preferred. A minimum of an Associate’s Degree in Technology or Electronics required.

Work Location


Application Process


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