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Belle of Louisville Riverboat Company


we are always seeking part-time and full-time seasonal employees we operate and maintain a small fleet of vessel one being the Belle of Louisville which is the last of her kind in the world and will also be turning 103yrs old in October. starting pay is $9.50 per hr with optional overtime work schedule also is varied depending on the cruise schedule. We are very flexible to work with on scheduling.


Belle of Louisville
Deckhand Job Description


Performs custodial and maintenance tasks, and works directly with passengers.

EXAMPLES OF THE WORK (These statements are intended to be illustrations of the work of this class.)

Under Close Supervision:

? Sweeps, mops, and waxes dance floor; sweeps and hoses or power washes decks; empties trash cans and transports trash to the dumpster; changes light bulbs and polishes brass throughout the boat; and arranges tables and chairs on the dance floor and decks.
? Handles mooring lines and rigging to launch or dock the boat.
? Performs as a navigational watch while underway:
? Bow watch observes the water for obstacles and reports them to the pilot house, swings the stage following launch and secures bow lines.
? Dance floor watch observes conditions including spills, obstructions of walkways and exits, and ice supply in the bar and concession stand, and observes passengers, watching for dangerous actions, fights, illnesses, and injuries.
? Texas deck watch observes passengers, watching for dangerous actions, fights, illnesses, and injuries.
? Pilot house watch observes the pilot, ensures safe navigation in the event the pilot/captain becomes incapacitated, and watches for obstacles from the stern while the boat is moving in reverse.
? Counts passengers, distributes and takes tickets during the boarding process.
? Participates in weekly emergency procedure drills including man overboard, fire, abandon ship, and emergency steering training.
? Transports supplies and ice to the concession and bar areas of the boat.
? Assists elderly and disabled passengers during boarding and exiting of the boat.
? Closes windows, turns out lights, and locks doors after the last cruise of the day.
? Answers questions from the public.
? Performs related work.


? Must be at least 18 years of age.
? Must submit to and pass alcohol and drug tests as mandated by the U.S Coast Guard, including but not limited to pre-employment and random testing.
? Must wear safety equipment as mandated by the U.S. Coast Guard.
? Must work a varied schedule.


Temporary / Seasonal

Work Schedule

Flexible - Will work with applicant — normal cruise times can be located on our website.


$9.50 plus overtime if you elect


we provide uniforms and also a metro ID which can be used to access any TARC bus that's in service on a normal route

Required Education

No education requirement

Work Location

Louisville — 401 w. river road

Application Process

please feel free to apply in person Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm or online at Louisvilleky.gov/humanresources

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