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Resource Coordinator


Harshaw Trane


This position provides an opportunity for a student to learn about HVAC through Harshaw Trane. They will perform miscellaneous tasks in the warehouse as needed. They will be around HVAC equipment and obtain skills needed to succeed in a highly competitive and rewarding career as a skilled and knowledgeable technician in the future. Working with a variety of experienced associates, with various industry positions will give the Resource Coordinator a broad picture of the HVAC service industry.

Essential Functions:

• Assisting a Full Time Resource Coordinator at Harshaw Trane in responding to customer needs by helping with preventative maintenance and repair
• Work in a shop environment to inventory, maintain, deliver and repair equipment
• Work safely and use safety equipment as necessary
• Be familiar with and adhere to EPA and OSHA policies
• Misc support as required

Working conditions:

• Will work outdoors, in mechanical/ equipment rooms, warehouse and possibly extreme weather conditions.


Special Requirements:

• Valid driver's license.


Full-time and/or Part-time

Work Schedule

Flexible - Will work with applicant





Required Education

Some college — Must have completed at least 6 months of school in the HVAC field.

Work Location


Application Process

Please send resume to amy.ottman@trane.com

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