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Correctional Officer


KY Department of Corrections


Stands watch in corridors of buildings, towers and other security posts. Takes required action during emergencies to prevent escapes and suppress disorders. Oversees inmates/patients inside and outside of the institution. Takes periodic counts of inmates/patients. Searches inmate's/patient's person, mail and quarters for contraband. Oversees work or recreational activities. Oversees inmates/patients during bathing and meals. Counsels with inmates/patients on minor adjustment problems and refers serious problems to proper staff specialists. Supervises inmates/patients in general housekeeping duties and checks quarters for health and safety hazards. Issues and keeps records of inmate/patient clothing and supplies. Makes written reports on violations of institutional rules. Oversees inmates in preparing and serving food. Oversees visits with inmates/patients and may search visitors for contraband. Takes proper care of use of weapons. Transports inmates/patients to and from other institutions, courts, medical facilities, funerals and other areas as required. Administers emergency first aid to patients, residents, visitors and employees when necessary. Travels in state or out of state to return escapees.

Please contact doc.recruit@ky.gov or 502-564-4636 for any questions.

During the initial pre-employment interview, an applicant shall be advised, that if he has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, a felony or trafficking in narcotics, dangerous drugs or controlled substances, he shall not be considered for employment with Corrections in the following positions:
1. Probation and Parole Officer;
2. Classification and Treatment Officer;
3. Correctional Officer; and
4. A position that requires the carrying of a firearm or transportation of an inmate.

Applicants must not have been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, a felony or trafficking in narcotics, dangerous drugs or controlled substances. Upon appointment, employees in this class may be required to maintain a valid driver's license and required to drive a licensed vehicle. This status may be necessary for the length of time in this class. If this is necessary it will be listed in the specific position description for that position. Applicants and employees in this job title may be required to submit to a drug screening test and background check. Applicants and employees in positions which perform job duties that may require contact with offenders in the custody or supervision of the Department of Corrections or with youth in the care, custody, or supervision of the Department of Juvenile Justice must meet qualifications pursuant to the federal Prison
Rape Elimination Act, 28 C.F.R.115.17 and 115.317.


High school graduate.
Must be twenty-one years of age.



Work Schedule

No Information


$2500 per month


Life Insurance
Annual days
Sick days
Voting Leave
Promotional Opportunities
Health Insurance
Court Leave
Military Leave
Deferred Compensation

Required Education

High School Diploma

Work Location

Other — LaGrange, KY

Application Process

To apply for positions within the Department of Corrections, please visit https://careers.ky.gov Once on this website, click on the “Search and Apply” tab at the top, select “Career Opportunities System (COS) Application” and then create a profile for yourself, fill out your application, etc. After you have your application submitted, you can search for jobs and apply for jobs that are posted. Be sure to check back often, as we have new jobs posted every day.

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